Fallen Yet Not Down

Set your thoughts on Jesus as you will never rise higher than your thinking.
Take a moment and look at the picture. See if you can catch what happened to the tree.
First, though it’s fallen over, it’s not down. Storms knocked it over, but it’s still alive and growing…sideways.
Second, this horizontal branch has shoots growing straight up. Though fallen, it’s still growing! Cool, right?
Know the signs of the times in which you live. Tropical storms are coming, if they haven’t already occurred. And, we all know it; but life, at times, is simply not fair.
A believing friend, who is now home with Jesus (the ultimate fallen yet not down!), used to tell his children, “Don’t play the victim. Make good decisions. Keep moving forward.”
When life is unfair or you look back over your life and see the scattered mess you or others have caused, you have a choice to make.
You can play the victim card. “Look at what happened to me!” And then make bad choices, which only take you backward.
Or, you can choose to look to Jesus. Let Him show you how He wants you to handle the effects of the storm; and then rise to the sky.
Don’t waste time playing the victim! You may have fallen, but you are not down! Make new choices today to go forward with and in Jesus in the Spirit’s power.

Tapping into the Resurrection Power

“The resurrection is our great hope!” Billy Graham
It was the week of March 9-14. 2020. I sensed the Lord telling me to stay an extra week in Israel after the tour I was helping left on the 15th. Yet, Covid was picking up steam. Should I go with them or stay?
I knew the answer. I just had to overcome the dead weight of my own insecurities of being wrong.
Jesus was asking me to tap deeper into the resurrection power by staying. I decided to stay on the 13th.
On the 14th, I learned that the hotel where I was staying, was closing on the 16th due to Covid. I stuck with my decision to follow Jesus and stayed.
After taking our guests to the airport on the 15th, I went to a sister hotel in Tel Aviv. While there on the 16th, I learned that Guest Houses, where I was hoping to stay, were closing all over Israel. The airport was going to shut down. And, all tourists were told to leave the country, which meant me!
Lord, was I wrong? No! I “found” a room at a Guest House in Tel Aviv where back packers from all over the world trying to get home stayed. It was here that I was able to share Jesus with them!
As I left Israel on the 17th, He had me go through the hassle of those two extra days to share the gospel with those young people! I may never know the outcome of those seeds until I get Home.
The same power that rose Jesus from the grave is not just for life after we die. It is also to be tapped into to clean out the “dead weight” areas, like insecurity, in our lives.
Now is the time to apply resurrection power!