Waiting Is Not For Wimps!

waiting 2David wrote in Psalm 59:9, “O my Strength, I will watch for You, for You, O God, are my fortress.” What strikes me is the first part. He’s watching for his strength to show up! He didn’t say the Lord gave him strength at that moment, but David knew his God would strengthen him when it came time to act.
Saul sent men to watch David’s house in order to kill him. While at home, David is telling us that he was at peace – God was his fortress – because he knew his God would strengthen him when it came to hightail it out of there.
Jesus sheep listen to Jesus and then follow when He tells them to act, not before. He tells us the “what” and the “when” to act, at which time the Spirit will strengthen us.
Waiting is hard, but moving before Jesus instructs us to ends in complete failure. Make no mistake, waiting is not for wimps. It takes faith to wait. His timetable, not ours, is always perfect. Wait on Jesus to say, “Go!” and then the strength to go will come.
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Dead In Its Tracks

stopped in tracksIt was 11:21pm Sunday night. In less than 40 minutes my fast would be over. I tell this not to draw attention to myself, but to the victory experienced.
I thought at that exact moment if I stayed up for another 40 minutes I could eat anything I wanted. Yes, NO! No, I can’t. The fast had nothing to do with eating, but everything with resetting my thinking on a certain issue, which Jesus had done. And this is exactly how long that battle took place, less than two seconds.
I didn’t think about the foods in the refrigerator. Instead, I thought about all the Lord had taught me over the last 40 days. I loved how good I felt letting Jesus remove some stinkin’ thinking. I also loved how the Spirit empowered me to experience victory.
The taste of victory is sweet; so, why go back to the agony of defeat? On a moment’s notice you must rely on the Spirit’s power to stop that stinkin’ thinkin’ in its tracks. Let Jesus renew your mind and you’ll experience victory as well. It’s POSSIBLE, because HE is faithful.
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Sitting Still While in Motion

sky planeAs I was walking today, I was still before the Lord. I saw a plane overhead that illustrated this truth. The pilot was sitting still; and yet, he was moving extremely fast at the exact same time.
While we are still doesn’t mean the Lord is. He is working out our salvation (i.e. making us whole and delivering us from sin) at all times. So be still and let Him do His job.
This requires great trust for me. Doing nothing is actually doing something. I battle “the doability doctrine” that states if you can do something do it. But if I do it, where is the room for Jesus and Spirit to do what only They can do?
The book of Hebrews tells us that Jesus gave us rest the moment we came to faith. And, it was Jesus who answered the question, “What works must we do?” with simply “believe.” Belief and trust, at times, will look like you’re doing nothing, but actually you’re doing something. You’re showing how much you love Jesus who also said, “If you love Me, you will be obey Me.”
Therefore, being still and being in motion can happen at the same time. You say you believe in Jesus and His Spirit? Then sit tight when He says to and let Him be God. He is you know?
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Don’t Play by the Rules

Paul tells the Corinthians that all things are possible, but not all things are profitable in their walk with Jesus. Paul was often misconstrued as saying that it was open season to sin. This couldn’t be further from the truth.
Paul was actually holding the believers to a much higher way of living – listen to and follow Jesus. Just because the written Word of God doesn’t talk about something (“all is possible”), didn’t mean Jesus, the Word of God, wants you to do it (“not all things are profitable”). Will you trust Him to know what is best for you?
A dear friend of mine once said, “Yeah, I am free to drink, but this body can’t!” Scripturally he could have a beer, but he knew it would send him spiraling out of control.
I’ve recently learned that I’m free to drink soda, but my mind can’t. Scripture doesn’t talk about soda (“all things are possible”), but I know I’ll rationalize drinking it every opportunity I get! Yet, rationalizing in this area often leads to rationalizing in other areas, which causes me to spiral out of control (“not all things are profitable”).
Don’t play by the rules! Live above them through listening to and following Jesus. Yeah, it’s a little harder, but it’s definitely a life worth living – the one He promised to give.
S“E”t Free Nowww

Relaxed Obedience

stillnessWe have a part to play in our sanctification and God has His, but I can’t play my part without God playing His.
I want to be more like Jesus with almost every fiber of my being. (The other part is the flesh that wants to stay right where it’s at.) I’m ashamed to admit this, but sometimes this stresses me out.
Jesus already did His part. To name only a few, He died and rose again to give me life, eternally starting now. He gave me His mind so I can think correctly. He also gave me His nature so I can choose correctly. Now, He says that if I love Him, I will obey Him, which is my part.
Yet, this obedience is still impossible if He doesn’t do His part to empower me through His Spirit. I can’t listen and follow Him, let alone become like Him, without the Holy Spirit’s power. He will get the job done in me as I relax in His power to obey. Let Jesus show you how to live a relaxed obedience. I know I am.
Set Free Now“W”w