Hard Packed or Plowed

unplowed-fieldThere is a 100+ acre piece of dirt behind my house. People drive north to south over it instead of going around on the paved road. After enough use, a hard pathway has been created that makes it easy to walk over it. However, the farmer will, when it comes time to plant seeds, plow that field effectively erasing the dirt road.
As I was walking on this path, the Lord showed me that it’s a powerful picture of forgiveness. Every one of us has experienced various hurts caused by people driving over our lives. After a while, we become hardened soil that can’t allow the seeds of God’s truth to penetrate our hearts and draw us closer to Jesus.
Forgiveness is that plowed field. It allows the Spirit to plant powerful life-changing seeds into your life. Don’t let those who’ve driven over your life dictate how close you get to Jesus – the source of all life’s good stuff! Choose today to forgive in Jesus name those who have hurt you.
I show you how to forgive God’s way in my book, More Than a Sunday Faith (chapter 13). I’ll send you a free copy if you can’t afford it. Seeing your life made whole is that important to me.
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Just Add Water

add-water-2I have this wonderful energy consumer of bouncing my foot and doing something with my hands while sitting. At this particular time, I had just finished stirring my delicious Israeli coffee with a wooden stick. Did you know that if you wet a wooden stick and break it little by little you can make a circle or wheel out of it? This is what I did.
This is a wonderful picture of God’s grace. Jesus is the living water who makes us pliable in His loving hands. He then, ever so slowly, uses life situations to break our wills until we become a useful tool in His hands, the “good work” He prepared us to do.
You can stay dry and let life break you into pieces or you can dive into Jesus water and let Him shape your character using those same life situations.
It’s your choice – break or bend. Yes, both are uncomfortable, but one brings blessing and one, well, let’s just say it only hurts.
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The Battle Belongs to the Lord

lion-of-judah1 Chronicles 27:5-6 states that Benaiah, son of the high priest, not only was a commander of an Israeli army division, but also the leader of the infamous Thirty, King David’s bodyguard. He was a serious booty kicking priest!
What a picture of Jesus! He is not some passive, limp-wrist, spineless guy, who stands in the background or runs from the battle. He, as priest, is our connection to the Father, who gives victorious battle plans. He’s also a fighting machine, who goes into battle right alongside us.
How we can fail? Think life’s battles are ours alone to fight. The battle certainly belongs to our Lord. Are you keeping Him on the sidelines or at arms length? Scripture says He can be your strength in weakness. He’s already with you. Why not ask Him to fight for you?
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Joyous Anticipation

joyA brother and I were talking about the Feast of Shouts that recently came and went this past Sunday. This led to a discussion on Jesus coming for His bride or what some call the Rapture.
My brother said, “Why is it that believers are always asking Jesus to come when they’re in the midst of tough times or simply tired of living on this planet; instead of being so in love with Him they simply can’t wait to be with Him?”
I thought it about it. It wasn’t the former just days before my wedding date! I couldn’t wait to take my new bride (until then she was my girl-friend/best friend/fiancé) into my arms for the first time. Let me tell you. It was a joyous anticipation. I also know what I wasn’t thinking. “Wow, life is such a bummer. I can’t wait to get down the aisle.”
Are you only asking for His return when life is a stinker? Jesus is the lover of your soul. He is your best friend. You are His bride/fiancé. Let your mind entertain this truth. And your face will radiate with the joyous anticipation of Him gathering you in His arms and taking you home. What a witness to the love of Jesus, right?
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Uncomfortable Faith

A guy looks at his friend and says, “Oh, great…we locked ourselves out again” as he pulls on a door labeled Comfort Zone. This is a great definition of faith…out of your comfort zone.
Hebrews 11:1 states faith is the “confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” In other words, faith means to get out of your comfort zone where you can handle things into an arena where you can’t. It’s where we must rely on Jesus and His power to take the faith steps He’s asking us to take.
Walking with Jesus requires an uncomfortable faith. I have to admit I dislike the next sentence, but it’s true nonetheless. Let the Spirit move us out of our comfort zones into a closer walk with and deeper love of Jesus.
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