See What You’re Staring At

“What is truth?” – Pilate
In a recent episode of a favorite TV show, the main law enforcement officer says, “Truth is truth. It doesn’t depend on circumstances. If not, then I can’t do my job. Either someone is guilty of breaking the law or they are not.”
The author, a retired administrator from a California university not known for allowing certain viewpoints a fair hearing, wrote that we are presuming people guilty before any facts come to the surface. Her point was that we all should feel uneasy with this kind of mentality. We could easily become its target.
Jesus, not me, said that He is the Truth. Only He could set people free from all the destructive side effects of their sinful choices. He also said that as you trust Him, rather than your feelings, you can experience life, not only for eternity, but in the here and now as well.
Jesus followers are going to have to make tough choices in the days ahead. If we want to have the life Jesus promised, we must not become like Pilate who couldn’t recognize the truth when He was literally staring Pilate in the face.
Keep practicing the Word of God with each choice you make today when it’s easy. As you do, you’ll be ready when it’s hard.

No Doubt

Common sense requires a common sense.
Our country’s current predicament started back in the 60’s when God was removed from our nation’s schools – a location where every American passes through.
I’m not talking about Jesus, but the general term for God. I’m not talking about prayer either. I’m talking about a higher power, an ultimate authority with a set of absolute values.
Once God was removed, a common set of shared values slowly eroded, leading to a fractured society where everyone is their own God making their own rules; thereby a common sense disappeared as well.
I lay the fault for this squarely at the feet of Christianity. Notice I didn’t say Jesus. The word Christian means to be a follower of Jesus, which takes listening to Him, not a church’s dogma, not a pastor’s beliefs, not a denomination’s distinctives, and certainly not a “Christian” culture.
Christianity has never been about adding Jesus to us or adding Christian behaviors to our current list of to-do’s. No, scripturally it’s about removing and replacing us with Jesus. As this happens, those around us will see Him in us. In fact, this is what glorifying God means – to reflect His character in us.
I failed the other day to the point I asked a bank teller’s forgiveness. Chris leaked out instead of Jesus. A friend of mine experienced just the opposite. He was walking downtown when a group of people he didn’t know, but knew of him, climbed all over his case because Jesus pours out of his life.
Jesus said to rejoice when the latter happens! Why? It shows that you truly belong to and are being a Christian – a follower of Jesus. This should remove all doubts as to whether or not Jesus knows you and will one day take you home.
People need Jesus, not “Christianity.” You follow Jesus and let Him transform their lives. You let His love pour out of you and hopefully they will see Jesus. I know next time they will at the bank.

Get it Out!

Get it out so healing can come in.
Our enemy loves it when we hide. He encourages us to keep our challenges to ourselves. He does this through the lies, “No one will understand.” Or, “If they knew the real you, they would reject you.” And when we believe that lie, he buries us in guilt and shame.
Do you know how much energy is expended in keeping a secret a secret? It wears you down; thus, leaving you with little energy to do anything else but keep that secret hidden.
Yet, Scripture tells us to get it out! In fact, Philippians 4:6-7 reveals that as we talk with our Father about those hurts done to us or the hurts we have caused, His peace will take over the job of protecting our hearts and minds.
Furthermore, James 5:16 states that as we talk about anything and everything with at least one trustworthy person, their prayers can bring about our healing or wholeness.
Our hearts need protecting. Talking about our“stuff” with the Father and a loved brother or sister in Christ can go a long ways to experiencing the peace and security you long for in life. As someone else guards your heart, you can experience energy you never thought existed.

Reverse Engineer Such and Such

Positive believing not positive thinking.
I bet you do what I do all the time, “Stop doing…!” You fill in the blank. You feel the Spirit’s conviction. You know what you’re doing is sin/self-destructive. So now you try to stop making that sinful choice.
Sounds spiritual doesn’t? It kind of is. Yet, the problem is that saying what you’re not going to do actually reinforces that very choice in your brain; and, it makes it harder to stop making that destructive choice the next time.
So if we say to ourselves, “I’m going to stop doing such and such.” Guess what neurons/thoughts we’ve just reinforced in our brains? Such and such!
What we need to start staying is, “I’m going to do….” Tell your brain the truth the Spirit wants you to do. By doing so, you’re reinforcing the truth thought/neuron that will eventually grow and completely set you free from the old programming/flesh.
Scripture calls this “renewing your mind. Put another way, it’s reverse engineering. We reverse the order of our thoughts and words. We tell ourselves, “I’m going to do such and such (the truth);” rather than, “I’m going to stop doing such and such (lie).”
This is positive believing not positive thinking. You’re telling yourself the Spirit-given truth and then acting by faith on that truth believing it will set you free as Jesus says it will.
Start your own reverse engineering process. Focus on the truth that brings freedom tomorrow today.