What Are You Staring At?

Staring-ContestYou’re erecting walls between us. I hear this all the time in marital counseling. It’s usually one partner blaming the other for their marital problems.
Do you know that God has this same complaint against us? We’re erecting walls in our relationship with Him by putting idols before our faces. An idol is anything or anyone we turn to rather than to Jesus to meet our needs (i.e. our drugs of choice).
Ezekiel writes, “When any Israelite or any alien living in Israel separates himself from Me and sets up idols in his heart and puts a wicked stumbling block before his face…I will set my face against that man.” (14:7-8)
Idols are in our hearts, not just some statue; and yet, they block our view of or separate us from God. In essence, they become a wall between us blocking Him from meeting our needs.
So ask yourself today, what are you staring at – Jesus or something or someone else? Let the Spirit point out your walls, so you can take them down in His power using the scriptural FREEdom process.
It’s your choice – you can stare at the wall or you can stare into the most loving pair of eyes you’ll ever see. Let’s pray for each other to make the right choice!
Se“T” Free Nowww

Where’s Happiness Today?

happinessHappiness. Everyone is looking for it, but does anyone really know what it means?
For some to achieve happiness for themselves, they have to cause others tremendous pain or unhappiness. What makes some happy today might not make them happy tomorrow. Thus, the search for happiness starts all over again with each sunrise or sunset.
If happiness is your goal, how do you ever make decisions? It’s going to get quite exhausting if your basis for decision making changes with the ever changing definition of happiness.
Here is where Jesus comes to the rescue. You can be “happy” regardless of your ever changing circumstances as you learn how to better hear Jesus in the Word and in daily life. When you trust Him to know what you need and then only turn to Him to meet that need with each decision, your decision making process becomes quiet simple. Regardless of what that decision will be, you’ll be happy today!
“S”et Free Nowww

Prayer to Power Forward

power forwardI woke up the other day with this phrase ringing in my ears, “It takes more faith, strength and courage to change direction than it does to go with the flow.” I had to write it down because it’s so true.
If we want to see our lives changed, to experience more peace, and to draw closer to the One we say we love, it’s going to take a huge increase in faith, strength and courage. Do I really believe it’s worth the effort to against what I’ve been thinking or doing for years? Do I have the strength to filter out the old thinking that caused the flow in the first place? Then will I have the courage to take the necessary steps if I have both?
This is where prayer enters the scene. “Lord increase our faith to believe life change is worth both the time and effort it will take! Give us the power that rose You from the grave to change our thinking. And then increase our courage to do what we know to be true.”
This is my prayer for you. Please make it your prayer for me.
Set FREE Nowww

Derailed by Disney

derailedThis particular counselor called it the “Prince Charming Affect.” It is the woman who has watched one too many Disney movies where some prince/hero is rich, handsome and out of pure love, rescues the damsel in distress. “The problem with this is that nobody can magically make your life be happily ever after.”
This counsel is picture perfect for two reasons. You’ve effectively given control of your happiness/joy/peace/love to someone else if you’re dependent on what they do or don’t do. They will fail. They will break promises, even unintentionally. Who is the only person you can depend on to make your life satisfying and fulfilled? Jesus. As you choose to listen to and follow Him, He’ll keep His promises of peace and joy. He is the only One who can deliver it.
This advise is excellent on another level as well. Where do you get your expectations from – a movie or Scripture? I hate to break it to you, but Prince Charming is a fictional character. He is not real! Thus, if your expectations are based upon something that is not real or doesn’t exist, you’ll always be disappointed with those around you, yourself and your future.
Stay in and with the Word of God, Jesus. He is real and does exist. He makes promises that you can base your today and future on. Only He can bring you a peace that will blow your mind (Phil. 4:4-7).
Do two things today if you’re feeling disappointed and disillusioned. One, filter your expectations through the FREEdom process. Only the ones that line up with Scripture will come true, the rest lead to disillusionment. Two, take your relationships through the FREEdom process as well. Whoever you’re depending upon to feel good about yourself has control of your life. If not Jesus, it’s time to exchange that person with Jesus, the only one worth listening to and following for security and fulfillment.
S“E”t Free Nowww

Sometimes You Gotta Dig

gold-panningGold can be picked out of the stream. With a little more effort, it can be panned out as well. Once the easy pickings are gone, however, you have to start digging to find the precious metal. This takes a tremendous amount of hard work, but your efforts will be rewarded quite handsomely if you do.
It’s the same with life change. Jesus isn’t interesting in changing our behaviors. He’s interested in getting rid of our old self/flesh that causes those behaviors so He cab transform us into His image, which produces daily Christlike behaviors. Sometimes this can be easily done; while at other times, it requires a little digging to find the lies that are buried deep within us.
The Spirit of God knows exactly what He’s doing when it comes to producing life change. He knows what lies are shallow and which ones need a little digging. When He asks you to slow down and quiet your heart before Him, do it. Freedom is worth the effort.
It may take time, but trust Him. He knows what He’s doing.
Set Free Now“W”w