Head Check

checkThe author was focusing on those who were getting ahead by, let’s just say, less that righteous ways. It bummed him out big time. Yet he ends by saying, “It’s good for me to be close to God. My Sovereign Lord is my refuge.” (Psalm 73)
The writer had to do a head check. Sovereign means having the overall power and authority. Who was that – the “seemingly” winner or Jesus? Once he was able to see through his distractions and focus on the Lord (FREEdom process), he was able to get back to where the good stuff was located – God’s presence.
Life is full of distractions as well as things that we’ll never understand. There will always be why questions left unanswered. The real question is, though, will you let those draw you closer to or away from Jesus?
It is good/your best interest to be close to Jesus. When you feel your attitude heading south, it’s head check time. Where’s your focus – on the One who has control or those who don’t? Get back and stay focused on the truths Jesus gives you from His Word.
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Live Lighter Today

featherPsalm 68:19 seemed so strange to me that I had to dig a little deeper. It basically says to kneel (Praise) to the Sovereign Master (be to the Lord) who day by day carries our burdens (who daily bears our burdens). He is the one who makes us safe, rescues us (to God our Savior). Stop the music. Let what was said hang in the air for a moment (Selah).
God is saying to you and to me, “Slow down and think about what you just read. I, your Master carry your daily burdens; when in reality, as My creation, you should be carrying My stuff. Think about that for a moment. I’m carrying what weighs you down. So why do you carry it around as well? I’m your rescuer, so let Me!”
God takes what’s bothering and weighing us down, so why are we? Let Him rescue/save you from it today. Give it to Him, literally. Visualize what’s bothering you as rocks in backpack. One by one hand them over to Jesus. And if you take a rock back, give it back to Him again, and again and again. Live lighter today! Don’t you think it’s time?
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Give It Your All

poopedI agree with those who say that we should be passionate about our lives. In other words, are we living each day with regrets for what we didn’t do or are we giving it our all?
Colossians 3:17 states, “And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” What part of whatever, doesn’t mean total effort in everything we do throughout our day?
Jesus deserves our best effort. Think about it. When all has been said and done on this earth, it will be His name that everyone bows down to, right?
Be able to say when you look back on today, “Jesus, I did the best my current faith allowed me to in following You in everything I did.” It will bring peace to your heart and prayer to your lips for the next day’s increased faith to follow a little closer behind Him.
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Learning Takes Laughter

laughterI heard a story about a professional baseball player who was asked to switch positions while still playing at the major league level.
There are not too many people watching at the minor league level. But to struggle through change at the major league level, where there are not only 10’s of thousands of people watching, but there’s also sportswriters and cameramen ready to splash your greatest miscues for the entire sports world to see, is not easy on the ego.
The lesson is this: Learn to laugh at yourself. Even though it was not his intent, he knew he was going to make mistakes. The only way to keep sane in the process was to laugh and get better. Because of his attitude and work ethic, he is now recognized as one of the best at his new position by his colleagues.
1 John 2:1 says if you sin not when. It’s our goal to follow Jesus, but there will be times we’ll stumble. We can laugh at ourselves and grow up or kill ourselves and stay down.
Laughing doesn’t mean you’re taking it lightly. It simply means you’re not taking yourself too seriously. It’s all about Jesus. He will finish the job He started. Right?
Set Free No“W”ww

Like – No, Love – Yes

acceptanceBiblical acceptance means that you don’t have to like what others are doing, but you can lovingly tell them the truth while walking closer with Jesus together.
There is a plot of open ground that has numerous commercial white boxes containing beehives. I pass by them every time I’m on a prayer walk. I simply lower my hat and keep walking. Sometimes bees hit my hat or shirt. I’ve even been stung once. For some, this area would be off limits as they are deathly afraid of bees. Since I am not, it’s simply the most direct route to take.
We all have areas of great faith and victory and some where our faith is weak and failures occur. This is why I believe scripture instructs us to accept (Rom. 15:7), not judge, each other while praying for each others’ failures to become victories in Christ (Eph. 6:18).
Jesus accepts and prays for you and me. Does He like everything we do? Nope. Does He love and draw us closer to Him anyway? Yes.
May we have this attitude toward other believers that Jesus has toward us.
S“E”t Free Nowww