Hidden Treasure

This is a picture of a 4,000 year old gate, which led into the biblical city of Ashkelon, one of the Philistine cities mentioned in Scripture. It is the oldest gate in existence today. It is also another example of archeologists following the Bible to find treasures hidden beneath earth’s surface.
Except for the reconstructed arch, these are the same stones people walked through 4K years ago. How do we know? Look to the left of the picture. You will see green grass covering a mound of dirt, which covered what you now see. Archeologists simply removed that dirt, put there over time through nature and people, to expose the treasure beneath.
Each person is made in the image of God; yet nature and people have covered it up over time. This cover up has affected our thinking, our choice mechanism and our emotional stability. Jesus, the Word of God, came to uncover the hidden treasure inside through removing all the garbage thinking, broken choices and emotional instability in our lives.
As archeologists followed Scripture to hidden treasures, follow the Word of God to better understand the hidden treasure of who you are in Christ…a secure child of God. Discovering this one truth will set you free from a lot of dirt.
SET” Free Nowww

Somebody’s Angel

Jesus told His men to pray for Him while He went through the most horrendous struggle any human being could go through – to obey even when doing so will hurt so bad you’ll want to die.
Jesus was in the middle of an olive grove suffering immensely and His men were asleep. It took an angel to come and give Him strength to keep going through, not around, the trail He was facing. Did He want to quit? Yup. Did He want to take the easy road out? Yup.
I’ve heard it said, “Pray even when you don’t understand why or see results.” I now totally get it. The warfare we all face hurts. And much of that warfare is not physical, but mental. We have so many thoughts bouncing around in our heads, it makes hearing Jesus next to impossible. I pray you’ll hear that one thought your God has given you in His word to keep you focused.
I also pray that you’ll have someone praying for you. You need it. Prayer enters the unseen realm; and thus, we can’t always see the results. Does it matter? Do battle for those who have trusted you enough to be transparent and share about their challenges with you. You are entering arena where the real battle takes place.
Jesus’ men failed Him, so His Father sent an angel. You could be someone’s angel today!
Set Free Noww“W”

Reclamation Projects

People throw their trash in the hills by my house. It was there that I saw the most interesting thing. A black bag of trash, which someone had illegally dumped, had been ripped and now grass was now growing out of whatever was in it! This new grass would provide food for some of the wild animals that roam these hills.
There is hope for all reclamation projects like you and me! People give up on us; yet our Father doesn’t. People discard us like garbage, but our Jesus doesn’t. We think we can never be used of God again; however, the Spirit uses us anyways.
God loves to take reclamation projects and beautify them. So, keep sharing Jesus with those the Spirit wants you to cast seeds into the soils of their life. You never know. Grass just might start growing out of that person’s garbage decisions, which in turn can help other believers grow closer to Jesus.
Never give up on yourself or others. Thank the Father, Jesus doesn’t!
Set Free “N”owww

You Are an Influencer!

For those who know me, I have a hard enough time speaking English, let alone another language! 🙂 In my love for Jesus, however, I’m following Him by learning Hebrew.
In my study, I’ve found it interesting how many English words have snuck into the Hebrew vocabulary; such as: bank, park and plastic. Even less stellar words, such as @%#! words, made the cut as well.
I don’t say the latter as a good thing, either. Yet, it is an example of how powerful our words can be. Someone said those words. Others started using them. And presto, they’re now in the dictionary.
The words you use are powerful both in your life and in the lives of those around you. Ephesians 4:25 instructs us to “speak the truth with his neighbor.” Your words can end up in their brain, which can come out in their life choices. Choose your words carefully. They do influence people. Filter your words through Jesus to draw yourself and others closer to Him.
S“E”t Free Nowww

Remember Your Dad!

Belief in Jesus gave us the right to become secure children of God. The Spirit gives us the ability to cry out, “Abba, Father!” Jesus said, “No one comes to the Father except through Me.” Jesus also taught His disciples to pray, “Our Father who is in heaven.”
Paul was an apostle sent by Jesus Christ and God the Father. Paul writes, “Grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”
We have a relationship with both the Father and Son, not one to exclusion of the other, through the work of the Holy Spirit. We have peace with and of God the Father because of what Jesus did. Some recoil at the term Father. Yet, the Father has much to show us about love and sacrificing one’s will for the betterment of others.
Remember your Dad. He’s got a lot to teach you in a way only a Father can and should.
“SE”t Free Nowww