Good Company

“You can’t change or control the world around you. You can change and control the world within you.” Warren Wiersbe

Jesus was at home when all of a sudden there was a huge crowd outside. He did the right thing for the right reason. He told them about the Father.

Then dust stared falling on his head. Someone was on the roof trying to get inside the house through the ceiling!

He again did the right thing for the right reason. He not only forgave the guy’s sin, He healed the person’s paralytic body as well.

What did He get for doing the right thing for the right reason? Huge backlash.

Some were praising God for what just happened, while others were ticked and questioned His motives and actions.

Sometimes people are happy with us for doing for doing what Jesus tells us to do. While at other times, people will not. You can only control you choices, not what others might think of or do to you.

Be encouraged my friend. You’re in good company. If they did that to Jesus, it shouldn’t shock you when it happens to you.

Keep doing the right thing for the right reason. It’s building Christ-like character within you. This will last forever while people’s reactions to it will not.

Against the Current

Living fish can swim upstream. Dead fish can only float downstream.

I recently heard a heartbreaking story about an artist who is a Jesus believer in a ground breaking and very successful band.

As their faith grew, though, all members of the band realized that this person’s lyrics no longer fit the band’s image.

This person decided to leave the band, but at great cost. They have been vilified on many fronts for attempting to live out the truth Jesus is and gives them.

This is the world in which Jesus believers find themselves in today. Even though it changes your life for the better today and into the future, if you decide to live by and in the truth, expect others to try and silence you.

In Paul’s Jesus story (2 Corinthians 11-12), he asked that the Father to take away his hardship and the vilification he was facing.

God told him no. Instead He said, “My grace is enough. I will get you through it when you ask for My power.”

Paul died to his way of thinking and personally lived in the power of God. This could only come from a starting position of weakness, which is why he could write that he would rather be weak so he could experience the strength of God.

If you want to feel alive, then live the truth Jesus gives you in His Word by asking for God’s power to replace your weakness. As you do, you will become more like Jesus!

This process, however, comes with a price. Most people will not want to hear your Jesus story, even if it is set to ground breaking music.

But some will. Isn’t the some worth it?


“This life was not intended to be our place of perfection, but the preparation for it.” William Baxter

Last Sunday, many in Christendom celebrated Palm Sunday.  It is one of the few stories recorded in all four gospels.

Luke records Jesus making a tremendously important statement. My paraphrase, “Guys, you should have known what today was all about. You should have known why I came riding on a donkey. You should have been prepared. And because you weren’t, some horrific events will occur in your lifetime.” (Lk. 19:41-44)

John reiterates this when he records that the disciples had no clue what was happening until after Jesus rose from the grave (Jn. 12:16).

Much of Scripture is prophetic in nature. God does this to prove He wrote and you can trust His Scriptures; and, to make sure you are living each day with Him. If you do both, you will always be ready for whatever this world throws at you.

Don’t blow off what you are seeing today around the globe! God’s words are coming true before your very eyes. Is Jesus coming back this year? I don’t know.

Don’t be like the majority of Israelites, however, who were caught off guard when Jesus came riding down the Mount of Olives riding on that donkey.

Be prepared! Today, not some day in the future, live and put into flesh the truths the Spirit has given you.

Would you rather be prepared and live in victory or be caught off guard and experience defeat?

Jesus has already given you victory. It’s up to you to walk in it by faith in and power from Him. The answer is up to you.


If you don’t conquer it today, it will control you tomorrow.

Scripture says to learn from the Israelites – in both their successes and their failures.

As I was reading through Joshua, this became apparent. The Israelites saw the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob literally destroy Egypt to free them from slavery.

The first generation didn’t apply this truth today and died in the desert tomorrow because of it.

The next generation saw God take out the major players in Canaan. After this campaign, they were to go to their own lands and take out the smaller players.

Now we read a disastrous phrase, “They subjected the Canaanites to forced labor but didn’t drive them out them completely.”

Their faith stalled and left some of the Canaanites live! These people would later conquer Israel either through war or their gods.

They left conquering the land to the next generation. By not conquering the land, the land ended up controlling them.

Learn from the Israelites! Take care of business today. Ask the Spirit to increase your faith in whatever He is leading you to do right now. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

If not….