Grow Your View of Your God

Life. We all have situations we face every time we walk into and out of our homes; yet many only exist not live each day. Jesus didn’t come to give us an existence, but real life today (John 10:10). He’s the One who asks us to taste and see that He is good (Ps. 34:8).
The question is, “Is your God worth experiencing?” Abraham had a leave your comfort zone and follow Me life adventure God. Sarah had an overcome barrenness to give life God. Rahab had a stand up against her countryman and save her life God. David had a giant killing experience for himself God. The bigger your God is, the greater your trust in Him can be to give your life sweetness.
Is your God limited to your imagination or is your God found on the pages of Scripture like those listed above? Your ability to trust Him with your daily situations increases in direct proportion to your view of Him. Your security, daily success and sense of being loved are tied up in your view of God. It’s time to grow your view of your God. Start and/or continue to live each day with a Biblical worldview and you’ll see your view of God grow beyond your imagination.

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Walk With Not Towards Jesus

Ever been walking down a street, saw someone come towards you, and couldn’t make out who they were until you were just a few feet away from them? Religion is like this. A religious person hopes that one day as they keep walking, doing certain good things, they will be rewarded with a trip to heaven to see Jesus.
This is not the kind of life Jesus came to bring. We’re not walking towards Jesus, but with Him each step we take on our journey. It’s hard to feel close to the person way down the street, but you can have a great time with someone who walks by your side. This is what living with a Biblical worldview does for the believer. No matter where you are, Jesus is with you. Talk with Him. Get close to Him. Hear Him. Do what He says to do. As you have this kind of relationship with Him, you’ll be more and more like Him now, not just when you get to heaven. Oh yeah, your love for and peace from Him will also get deeper with each step you take.

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Glorifying God in Real Time

The author of a recent Christian movie wrote, “I believe that the greatest trick of the devil is not to get us into some sort of evil but rather have us wasting time.” It’s true when you think about it. We waste more time than our enemy gets us to do bad or evil things. A TV show here, a movie there, a video/Facebook game now or long texts later can eat up our time.
This is why daily living with your biblical filter in the “On” position is crucial. If we listen to and do what Jesus says to do at any given moment, we will be doing the right thing and the good works He created us to do (Eph. 2:10); thus not wasting time.
Jesus took breaks and so can we. The question is, “Are we asking Him if that is what we should do?” If so, enjoy that video game!

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Busyness Isn’t Next to Godliness

In my book, More Than a Sunday Faith, I show that a Christian worldview no longer works today because it’s becoming based more on pop culture rather than on Scripture. Here’s another lie-based message that has infiltrated the Church: “Being busy makes us feel like we’re good people. We must be; after all, look at everything we’re doing!” We’re good people simply because we’re busy doing something. This false mindset is seen in such statements as: “I have to go to church to be a good Christian that pleases God.” “I have to serve as an usher at church for God to love me.” “I have to stand on a street corner with a sign to get into heaven.”
This just isn’t true! Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice, which makes our sacrifices (i.e. busyness) for God seem nonexistence in comparison. No, we don’t have to do anything for God to get what He’s already given us in Jesus – love, acceptance, significance and a home in heaven. We simply have to be in and with Him to experience peace and joy.
Ephesians 2:10 states, “We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” We are new creations in Christ and in Him we become somebody’s who can do something with the lives God gave us. It starts with being in and with Jesus, not doing for Him. This is foundational to a Biblical worldview.
I live with Jesus; therefore, I can listen to Jesus. And because I can listen to Jesus, He can tell me what to do in any and every situation I face throughout my day. And when by faith I do what He says to do, I’m doing the good works He created me to do, which includes hanging out with His people and using the gifts He’s given me in people’s lives. Busyness is not a good thing. Being with Jesus is.

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A Safe Place to Hide

I was out on my prayer walk when I saw movement near a rock. The closer I got to the rock I noticed that it was a rabbit that had just come out of its hiding place. The rabbit stood completely still until I got to within a few feet of it and then ran into its hole under the rock. I was thinking, “If I was hungry, it wouldn’t be too hard to get that rabbit. Its hiding place isn’t too safe.”
This hiding place was the rabbit’s stronghold, the place where it went to feel safe. We humans have strongholds as well. What, where or who we turn to as our stronghold can either make us feel completely safe or leave us open for danger (2 Cor. 10:5).
In my entry yesterday I quoted an author who stated that people make themselves busy so they don’t have to face themselves. This busyness is a stronghold. It’s the safe place some people run too in order to feel good about themselves in order to avoid the thoughts, the challenges, and/or the issues in their lives. The problem with this approach is that the busy person has to stay busy, leaving themselves exhausted and open for danger (e.g. health issues, strained relationships, etc.)
A safe stronghold is God, who repeatedly describes Himself as a fortress, a rock, a stronghold, a refuge, etc. He wants to be the safe place we go to when we feel insecure, insignificant, and plain-old wore out. He wants to walk with us in dealing with any and all of the challenges we face.
The truth is that if we stay busy all we’re doing is pushing our problems down the road. They will have to be faced…one day. God says, “Let’s deal with them now so you can get off the treadmill that’s running you into the ground.” As we slow down and let the Spirit use the FREEdom process to get at, remove and replace the lies with specific truths, we can enjoy the journey to be like Jesus and the peace He promises.

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