Good Question

How’s that working for you?
As I’ve been reading through the book of Kings, the Lord brought back to mind a phrase He gave me years ago, “How’s that working for you?”
The Northern Kingdom went through king after king with the same result, disaster. Even after God worked a miracle through Elijah to prove that He and not Baal was God, the people still chose to follow the loser, Baal.
You can’t argue someone into the kingdom nor can you convince someone they need to change. Only the Spirit can do it. And, He’ll use life to do it too.
Out of love for His children, the Father allow life’s challenges to get our attention in order to see our need for change. We can learn the easy way by simply listening and following Jesus the first time or the hard way by hitting the same old stone wall.
Are you tired of being sick and tired or angry? If so, it’s time to ask, “How is what I’m doing actually working for me?” If what you’re currently doing keeps resulting in less than Jesus based results, it’s time to make different choices.
Israel didn’t, but we can. I am, will you?

Lift Him Up

Another name for idolatry is God in a box – yours!
God told Manoah, Sampson’s dad, that His name was “beyond understanding” (Judges 13:18). Manoah wanted a God he could wrap his head around.
This kind of thinking, however, is idolatry. The LORD told Jeremiah that Israel followed worthless idols and became worthless. Why? Idols are man-made, which lowers God to man’s level, in essence making man God.
There will be times you will not understand who God is or how He works. My friends, this is a good thing!
Avoid the temptation to wrap your head around who God is before you act on what He says to do. Instead, through love, do what He says to do on faith. Then and only then will you experience the power who can change your life – His.
Be okay with the fact that you will not always understand who God is. This is what makes Him God and not you, which is indeed good and comforting news.

Keep Getting Up

Fall seven times stand up eight.
“Fort Negey was a complex constructed as a multi-tiered defensive fortification,” read the sign at this Civil War Monument in Nashville, Tennessee. After the city of Nashville surrendered to the Union Army, this fort was built in order to defend the city from being retaken by the Confederate Army.
The upper picture is what part of the fort looked like after it was finished. The lower picture is what this same section looks like today. The upper could actually defend the city. The lower couldn’t defend it against anything, much less erosion. Why? Neglect.
Jesus freed you from slavery through surrendering to Him. Jesus also gave you biblical weapons – the FREEdom process – to defend yourself from being retaken by slavery to your drug of choice.
Whether you’ve neglected them or not, a secure child of God, who is in the process of being saved, will keep using the FREEdom process no matter how many times they fall! Going backwards is the only road open to those who neglect to use them.
(I will be teaching a class on the FREEdom process this July 2018. Get more information by simply replying to this email.)

Useful Faith

Promises left unused are like leaves floating on the wind.
A life lived by faith is the only life worth living. God made all kinds of promises in the Book of Books; and yet, people leave them on its pages. These promises were made to be lived out through faith based action.
For example, God says in 1 John 1:9 that if we confess our sins, He will forgive them. He wrote it down in blood. It’s there on the pages of Scripture for all to see.
How many, however, leave that promise in black and white by carrying around tremendous baggage from their past and/or current mistakes?
A Jesus given faith is one who takes hold of that promise by confessing/acknowledging their sin to God; and then, believes their sins are truly covered and paid for by Jesus. They are gone. Never to brought up again by Jesus…ever. So, why do we? Leaving that baggage behind is a useful faith.
This is the same process for all the other promises God wrote down in Scripture. How about today taking just one of those 1,000s of promises in the Book and doing what it says; and, believing God will do what He says.
This is the only way to a useful and satisfying faith in Christ.

What’s Inside Your Tool Bag!

A full set of tools, when used, leads to successful Jesus living.
I was given sage advice when I started working construction. My boss said, “Son, before you climb that ladder, make sure you have all the tools you’ll need to do the job once you get up there. It’ll save you energy and myself money when you do.”
This is sage advice for believers as well. Before you head out to face the world each day, fill up your tool bag with truths Jesus gives while listening to Him in His Book. He knows what truths, or tools, you’ll need to take with you that day to defeat your enemy. He also knows what tools the Spirit will use to make you more like Him too (1 Cor. 3:10-15).
So, don’t climb up the ladder of your day without your biblical tools. They’ll save you the trip down!