Keep Fighting

The battle never ends.

I heard the above phrase while watching a true story of four men fighting for hours to stay alive during an enemy attack.

They were being hit with round after round, shrapnel and shards of rock caused by exploding rounds. During the fight, they kept reminding each other that the battle never ends. In other words, you keep fighting.

This is true for Jesus believers as well. There is evil in the world that wants to destroy our lives, which is why warfare is mentioned so many times in scripture.

We are fighting a big time spiritual war, which never ends unless we quit and let the enemy win or we go home to be with Jesus.

Therefore, we have been given scriptural weapons to fight this battle fought mainly in our minds. Paul talks about the Spirit fighting against our old programing to bring us victory (Galatians 5:16-17).

He talks about the Jesus believer being given the mind of Christ (1 Cor. 2:16) and the power to demolish strongholds (defensive mechanisms), justifications and thoughts that oppose Jesus (2 Cor. 10:3-6).

He also mentions that we have been given the Spirit of power, love and a saving mind (2 Tim. 1:7) Saving mind? Yes, though some translators insert the phrase sound mind or self-control, the base word is actually the verb to be saved or made whole!

We have been given the mind of Christ so we can think truth and then the power to act on that truth to be set free and experience victory, which makes us whole or like Jesus!

Don’t let evil win. Keep battling to take each thought (ingrained programming or thoughts coming at you) and match it with the truth in order to love Jesus through asking the Spirit for the power to make the faith choice to follow Jesus. This process rewires your brain brings about true Jesus life change.

Yet, know this. As long as you are on this planet, this battle never ends. So, keep fighting! Jesus, however, promises this process will set you free and bring victory.

God’s Ability Alone

Satan can take something good and make it evil; only God can take something evil and make it good.

I was listening to the story of unspeakable horrors from a speaker who went through them as a child. At one point, he even thought he was crazy as his story was so out there evil.

Could his childhood memories be real? His search led him to a forensic specialist, who ran tests to determine if his memories were real or made up. They were extremely disturbingly real. Satan had turned an innocent childhood into a nightmare of unspeakable experiments and experiences.

After surviving all this, he came to faith in Jesus where his journey toward healing and wholeness began. This journey eventually led him to a supernatural forgiveness of the primary perpetrator of his tortured childhood.

Please don’t give me the line that his past made him who he was today. If we follow that line of reasoning, we might as well call all the horrors done to him as normal, which should be done to people everywhere so they could turn out to be the strong and loving man he is today.

No, what was done was out and out evil that no one should ever experience. Evil exists and it does evil things. Only God, however, can turn unspeakable evil around for good. (Romans 8:28 never says that what is done is good and should be repeated. It only says that God can turn a horrific past into something good in the present.)

This man’s story is one of hope. It shows that forgiveness, inner healing and peace is possible for everyone despite the evil done to them. This man passed this kind of forgiveness onto the perpetrator, who came to saving faith in Jesus. This is truly something only God can do.

We don’t praise God for the manure thrown at us. We do, though, praise God for His ability to make a rose bloom and flourish from it.

God wants to use us to bring hope to a world where unspeakable horrors are taking place. So, let God do what only He can do: turn your past mistakes and those caused by others into something beautiful to His glory and praise.

The Tough Choice

“Trust My ability to reroute you” – Abba.

As someone who likes to get things done, being told to just sit in His lap was a hard thing to do.

Sit in His lap? Yes. Ephesians 2:4-6 states that we are seated in Jesus’ lap, right now. Jesus said that when we see Him, we see the Father. Therefore, in a way, I am sitting in my Father’s lap, right now!

I can lean my head onto My Father’s chest and just be. No performance needed. Just be.

I don’t know why. Correction. I do know why. It’s just not easy to make that choice to rest, to stop bounding my leg or bobbing my foot or to let myself be okay with it.

Yet, the peace Jesus promises comes from letting Him work in and through me instead of me doing something for Him in order to get something out of Him for what I’m doing for Him.

I have all the Father’s attention, right now. I have all His love, right now. I have all the “thata boys” I need from Him, right now…because of Jesus.

I know this in my head, but my heart sure is a distance away. If you are like me, do what I’m doing. Ask, “Lord give me the faith to make the tough choice to be okay with being with You whether or not I’m doing anything.”

Change is Worth it!

The Father wants to make your life better…for others!

I read an article about a doctor who deals with people’s chronic physical pain. And, after much research, decided to work on his own pain through changing his diet.

Guess what? It worked! He saw a significant reduction in his own pain levels.

When asked why he made those changes, he said, “I did it for my patients. I wanted them to see that these changes could work for them as well.”

Wow. He changed for others! Let that sink in. He changed his diet, which meant his lifestyle, all for the sake of others.

Jesus did the exact same thing. He came in human form, quite a change don’t you think? He did that because He believed we were worth His time and effort. He came not to make His own life better, but ours.

Who in your world is worth allowing the Spirit to change your life? You could be the example of how change can also be possible for them and be the springboard they need to move closer to the Father.

By the way, you’ll also benefit from the change. You will get closer to the Father as well.


Transitions bring pain now, gain later.

The book of Samuel is being read in today’s synagogues around the world. A good question arises, “Why another book? I mean, Samuel was the last judge. Why not include him in the book of Judges and Saul and David in the book of Kings?”

When you think about it, Samuel is a transitional book. It is the bridge from one period or phase of Israel’s history to the next phase. Transition.

And it was a messy transition, too. Samuel was a great prophet, but a lousy father. So the country asked for a king. Problem. The king God had in mind, David, was still a boy shepherd who needed more preparation time.

In the meantime, Israel’s first king, Saul, caused all kinds of messes, some that weren’t cleaned up until Esther became a Persian Queen.

Life transitions are never easy. We all go through them. Think about this for a moment. Each step is a transition from one place to another. Isn’t interesting that Scripture talks about our relationship with God as a walk? Transition.

Our walks with Christ were never meant to be stagnant, but dynamic. We can fear these transitions and stay stuck in our old way of thinking/choosing. Or, we can embrace them and allow the Spirit to change in and hope to our lives.

The world is quite possibly entering into another big messy transition with the war in Israel. Will they see hope or fear in our eyes? Prayerfully, it will be hope.